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Water Leak under the Toilet in Houston, TX

Can you tell what is missing in this picture?

Carpet Cleaning Gone Just Right

What a difference! Water has been seeping into this commercial property for several months and owner wanted to have the carpet cleaned and it came it amazing! READ MORE

Leaky Washer Connection

Every now and then the homeowner noticed water underneath the washer. A plumber was called in, they found a leak in the washer connections and the leak was fixe... READ MORE

Broken Hose Bib on Exterior Wall

This Houston homeowner noticed water leaking from an outside faucet. A closer look revealed a broken hose bib. Of course this affected the ground near the home... READ MORE

How old is your water heater?

Unfortunately this homeowner learned a little too late that they needed to replace their water heater which was located in the attic above the master bedroom cl... READ MORE

Leaky pipe within the walls

The owner of this Townhome discovered water in their hall bath and laundry room. The culprit was a leaky pipe in the neighboring townhome but since there was a ... READ MORE

While you were out!

This homeowner was out of town for a few weeks and returned to find water coming out of his front door. The water supply line to the toilet in the master bathro... READ MORE

It was just a tiny leak!

Unable to sleep this homeowner decided to catch up on some reading. While reading she heard water dripping. After following the sound and taking a closer look; ... READ MORE

Oil Spill

Unfortunately mistakes happen and they can happen to anyone on any day. After a routine oil change this homeowner noticed a large puddle near his car. As he too... READ MORE

Add in a bit of "elbow grease"

After 50 years of serving Houston and the surrounding areas, the owners of this diesel engine machine shop have retired and the building has been sold and will ... READ MORE