Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial carpet clean

After being used for many years, this carpet in a commercial building had begun to stain. As seen in the before picture, there is a brown colorization stain in ... READ MORE

Commercial hallway cleanup

This building in the Houston area was affected by water damage that affected both the immediate ceiling above the floor which in result affected the carpet belo... READ MORE

Damaged wood flooring

This suite in a commercial building was affected by water damage that seeped through the wood floor. As you can see in the before picture, there is still standi... READ MORE

Water damage in commercial space

This commercial space in the houston area was affected by a breakage in the water line in a water cooler that not only affected the carpet but the walls around ... READ MORE

Flooded hallway in a commercial building

This space was a hallway in a hotel in the Houston area that was affected by a broken sprinkler system bursting causing water damage not only on the floors but ... READ MORE

Commercial Emergency Services

This picture was a hair salon shop that was affected by a water line that busted causing the place to close until it was cleaned. As you can see in the before p... READ MORE

Restaurant Industrial Hood Cleaning

This ventilation hood has been affected by years of use leaving most of the surface of the vents covered in grease and other disgusting residue. As you can see ... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Clean

This apartment complex was under construction in multiple areas in the building causing a mess in multiple places. As you can see in the picture on the left, th... READ MORE