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Tool of The Month !

11/30/2021 (Permalink)

The Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus is the main tool that our crew uses daily. The Tramex MEP detects and evaluates moisture conditions within various building materials such as Wood, Timber, Drywall, Roofing, Plaster & Brick by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance.

It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and evaluation fast, precise, and versatile.

  • Locates moisture related problems within and behind a variety of building materials
  • Maps the extent of moisture damage caused to building
  • Monitors progressive drying conditions in the drying process of the building materials and surfaces.

How does it work? A low frequency electronic signal is transmitted into the material via the electrodes in the base of the instrument. The strength of this signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture in the material under test. The Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value, displaying it on a large clear analog dial.