Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Containment Barrier

Residential Containment Barrier

Containment Barriers are set up to stop any dust, debris or micro organisms from escaping into other parts of the home. The AFD filtrates the air and pushes it out while the new clean air comes in through the filter on the plastic causing air exchange.

You Can Count on Us!

After a water loss occurs you can count on the highly trained professionals of SERVPRO to take on the task of remediation. 

A leak on an exterior wall affected the interior of the home. The standing water was extracted, a little demolition was done to remove any unsalvageable materials like sheet rock and warped wood flooring; then the drying equipment was put in place. 

Daily Departure

After water remediation and a bit of demolition, our crew set out the proper equipment and bid adieu for the evening. We will return in the morning to monitor the site and gather new readings. 


When carpeting is affected by water it becomes very heavy, even after extracting the majority of the water. Here Mari and Raul join forces to remove the affected carpet and padding. Working together in this type of situation is important for the safety of our crew members as well as keeping the remediation running smoothly and on time.  

Pressure washing

Industrial Pressure Washing

When asked to clean the concrete floor of this machine shop, we jumped on the opportunity. We first pretreated the floor by applying our SERVPRO degreaser.

Shown next is Raul, using an industrial steam pressure washer to remove over 50 years of grease and grime packed onto the concrete floor. The visible before and after is just incredible! 

Crew Chief filling bottles

Preparation is Key!

Here our Crew Chief is gathering and explaining what products will be needed to clean an area rug that has been in a high traffic area. Mari is assisting and taking notes, learning the ideal SERVPRO way!  

Dirt and Mud on an area rug

Kids, pets and rainy days bring in dirt, mud and dirty water. This area rug was cleaned and looked like new in just an hour with the help of SERVPRO! 

Graffiti Remover

Mario is ready to tackle graffiti!